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Access freshly founded start-ups and stealth founders worth investing. And find them inside and outside of your networks.

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Discover a universe of founders, every week.

We enrich every founding team with hundreds of data points for you, so you can enrich your gut feeling with data. Find everything you need to know about the founders at a glance.

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Filter and personalize your dealflow.

Find the needles, not the haystacks by setting smart filters to discover founders who match your investment preferences. And connect with them before everyone else.

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Look beyond your network.

It's a fact: Diverse portfolios perform better. Extend your deal flow and find previously unseen opportunities and hidden gems.

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Detailed insights into every founding team.

We provide you with hundreds of newly founded start-up teams on a weekly basis. By increasing visibility, we make it easy for you to access diverse teams and look beyond your networks.

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Our Mission

We’re here to empower entrepreneurship by maximizing transparency and inclusivity in the start-up ecosystem. So that more talented founders get access to capital and can solve the most precious problems of our times. And while doing so, we make venture investing more accurate, efficient and less biased.

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